Employee Separation or Transfer

The SSC Payroll Team processes voluntary and involuntary employee separations and transfers to another UCD department or campus.

The normal processing time for a separation check is 5-7 business days from the date that all required information is provided by the department.  Required information includes details of the employee separation, resignation letter and completed timesheet.

Given the above legal obligations, it is critical that a department initiate a request to the Shared Services Center immediately upon learning of an employee will be leaving UC Davis.* To avoid processing delays, it is important to ensure the employee's final timesheet is approved by the supervisor.

The supervisor or authorized department representative should submit the Appointment Changes/Separation request under the Payroll topic in AggieService.

More information about Payment of Wages Upon Termination

*California Law requires the University of California to provide employees with payment of all wages due on their last day of employment.  This includes Student, Staff and Faculty employees.  The only exception to this law is if the employee voluntarily resigns (quits) without notice.  In this case, the University has 72 calendar hours (including weekends and holidays) to provide the employee a final check.