SSC Fiscal Close Deadlines

The following are the fiscal close deadlines for the SSC for FY 2016-17:

Finance Fiscal Close Deadlines*
Date Action

May 31st

Requests for vendor set up for REQS and Purchase Agreements

June 7th

Purchase requests over $5,000, all services and Purchase Agreements with complete documentation

June 21nd

Requests for vendor set up for APO and DV docs

June 29th

All Accounts Payable requests including memberships, honoraria, utility payments, PO invoices, etc.

Please be sure to clearly mark documents intended for 2017/2018.

We will begin processing all documents again on July 7th for FY 2018.

HR/Payroll Fiscal Close Deadlines*
Date Action
May 19th  Requests for Staff Salary Actions, e.g., stipends, equities, reclasses, etc., (must be approved in People Admin by 5/30/17)
May 30th Payroll Work Study Adjustments for FY 16-17 (Requires Financial Aid approval)
May 30th Student Longevity Increases effective 6/4 & 6/18
May 30th Student appointment extensions with June effective dates
June 1st BW Funding Changes effective 6/18/17
June 5th Monthly Funding Changes effective 7/1/17
June 9th New Work Study FY 17-18
June 9th BW Funding Changes effective 7/1 or 7/2/17
June 12th Submission of June Retirement Cases (MO & BW)
June 14th Paper timesheets for MO PPE 6/30/17
June 14th One Time Payments for BW PPE 6/17 & MO PPE 6/30/17 (Pay dates 6/28 and 7/1/17)
June 26th Paper timesheets for Work Study Payroll 6/19-7/1/2017
*Please note: All requests must be submitted to the SSC, with complete back-up documentation and required approvals by 5:00 PM on the specified due date.

If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk at 754-4772 or