Frequently Asked Questions

How and where do I submit an invoice?

It is no longer necessary to submit a request in OPP asking that the SSC pay an invoice. All invoices will be sent directly to the SSC by vendors to be processed for payment. Here are some key things to remember:

  • This process only applies to PO invoices. Anything normally paid on a DV document, such as memberships, will continue to be submitted through OPP.
  • Invoices should not be uploaded to OPP. If an invoice is received at your department, please forward to
    • SSC will be following up with vendors to ensure they know where to send all invoices in the future
    • During the transition, if you are forwarding invoices the PO number must be written on the invoice before scanning and attaching to your email. We will be following up with vendors to ensure they start including PO numbers on the invoices.
    • To check payment status of invoices, instead of looking in OPP you will now review DS Report 401.
    • If an invoice is paid but the items were not received, please contact the Service Desk (754-4772 or for help. One of the SSC Purchasing Coordinators will follow up with the vendor to ensure items are delivered or a credit memo is issued.
Where should the vendor send their invoice?

The vendor can either email their PDF invoice to: or mail their invoice directly to the AP Invoice Service team at:

UC Davis Invoicing Service
260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150
Davis, CA 95618

What should I do if the vendor sends the invoice to the department?

Simply scan the invoice to PDF and email it to No ticket or additional request is necessary for it to be processed.  Please ensure that all pages are scanned, front and back.  If the invoice is missing a PO # and it is known to the department, please add it before scanning.  Once sent to the AP Invoicing Service, the hardcopy invoice should be destroyed to avoid duplicate payment.

Do I need to create a ticket to pay an invoice?

No.  With the invoices being delivered and processed by the AP Invoicing Service, it is no longer necessary for the department to request or enter a ticket for payment.  The payment request document will either route to the Fiscal Officer for approval or as an FYI once submitted.

If the invoice will require a PO to be created in order to pay it, it needs to be submitted as a Purchase Request through OPP. Do not email requests for new Purchase Orders to

How do I see if an invoice has been paid?

With the Decision Support 401 report, you can search for an invoice using a variety of parameters, such as payment dates, organization codes, vendor ID, or document numbers.  This report will show both fully approved payments as well as those still pending approval.  Please note, Decision Support is updated nightly, so it will not show invoices entered on the same day.

If you notice that an invoice has not been paid in a timely fashion, please do not submit an invoice a second time. Most invoices are paid fairly quickly with our new AP invoicing service. If you notice a delay, it’s most likely that we are researching an issue with the invoice in question. Please contact us about the invoice (by calling 757-8570 or emailing

Is receiving required before an invoice will be paid?

It depends on the nature of the Purchase Order.  If the order is for a capital asset, over $10,000, or has been manually flagged as requiring receiving, then the appropriate quantity must be received in Kuali before the Fiscal Officer will be able to approve the payment request document. Receiving requirements

What invoices will no longer require Fiscal Officer approval?

Low value, low risk purchase order invoices will no longer require Fiscal Officer approval.  Specifically, invoices that are for less than $1000 and relate to a PO which does not require receiving.  Also, only invoices entered by the AP Invoicing Service team qualify for skipping Fiscal Officer approval.  Invoices entered by departments will continue to require all the same approvals as before.

Can I send inquiries to the email address?

The email is not monitored for communications. All information should be contained on the invoice, and inquiries sent there will not be responded to. Please send inquiries to

What information do I need to put on the invoice when sending it to the AP invoicing email address?

Please write the PO number on the invoice if it is not already noted. This will ensure that your invoice is paid in the fastest possible manner.

How are receiving documents communicated?

The department does not communicate receiving information to APIS. They can enter receipts directly into KFS for orders that require receiving. Payments will not bypass Fiscal Officer approval if receiving is required.

How will APIS benefit campus wide departments?

The benefits are varied for the campus at large, for suppliers, and for departments. Direct benefits for departments include: greater realized discounts, less approval required by fiscal officers, less data entry to input invoices, less inquiries from suppliers about payment status.

How is split funding designated?

Post-PO split funding can be done by manually by writing the info on the invoice


By amending the PO before invoicing or processing a GEC, after the invoice has been processed.

Tax Rate

Rates are reviewed by our processors and will be paid accurately based on the delivery location. Incorrect tax rates will be sent back to the vendor and processors will request a revised / corrected invoice.

How are vendor disputes resolved?

The appropriate resolution for payment made to a disputed vendor, is to request either a refund or credit from the supplier. Both will credit the department account immediately upon processing.

How will Accounts Payable Invoicing Service (APIS) communicate and verify accuracy of invoices with departments?

Example: Dept. only received partial items but invoice may be billed for full amount. If I understood the flow chart correctly, invoices received by APIS not requiring receipt or less than $1,000 will not be approved by dept. fiscal officer, just an FYI.

Fiscal officers are notified of all payments, and payments are not disbursed until the terms expire. This allows for time to either disapprove or request a document correction from AP. For those disbursed before an issue was noticed, the appropriate resolution is to request a credit memo from the supplier.

How will APIS ensure timely payment with increase of invoices volume? Will additional FTEs be required?

There is appropriate bandwidth within the team to manage additional invoices with no expected increase in turn-around time. Transcepta and AggieBuy will continue to balance workload by reducing paper invoices processed on campus.

How many FTEs are supported by APIS now and will FTEs be added?

There are 7 FTE dedicated to APIS, including 6 processors and 1 supervisor. There is no plan to add FTE.

Will incentives and/or discounts provided by vendors pass on to the departments?

Yes. Discounts generated through early payment terms are returned directly to the department account automatically.

Research (extramural funding) requirements and PI and account manager approval and signature.

These types of invoices require FO approval.

What is the current processing time for APIS related invoices?

APIS is processing most invoices within average of 3 days.

Is APIS a campus-wide initiative?

Yes. All PO invoicing will be processed through APIS and there is no cost to departments.