Employee ID – The AggieCard

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ID Card Appointments

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Contact the Service Desk at 754-4772 or sschelp@ucdavis.edu

The AggieCard:

  • Is the official UC Davis identification card
  • Identifies you as a UC Davis faculty and staff member at UC Davis and at other UC campuses
  • See more information at the end of this page

Get an AggieCard

An appointment is required to get your new ID card.

To schedule an appointment click here.

The ID card office is open Monday–Friday 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The AggieCard ID office is located in the Memorial Union (MU), room 244, second floor

Some campus departments require a Proximity (prox) card, which also serves as an electronic key for entry to your department’s buildings/offices. If you need a Proximity Card, please inform the SSO staff member at the beginning of your appointment. You will be provided with the internal programing number which must be given to your department.

Email Request for an AggieCard

Employees may request an AggieCard via email.  To do so, please email your professional photo in a (.jpeg file) format, to employeeID@ucdavis.edu. The photo should be taken on a white, off-white, or other professional background.

You will be notified when your card is available.  Cards must be picked up in person at the SSO office, 260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150, Davis, CA. If you are unable to pick up your card in person, please provide the name of your supervisor or other department contact, and the campus location. Your AggieCard will then be sent to your supervisor or department contact to verify your identity.

For security reasons, AggieCards will not mailed directly to the employee.

Lost an AggieCard?

If you were issued a proximity card, contact your department immediately so the card can be deactivated.

Replacing an AggieCard

Replacement AggieCards are available free of charge by scheduling an appointment or by submitting a request to: employeeID@ucdavis.edu or 530-754-4772. You will be notified when your card is ready to be picked up.

Found a Lost AggieCard?

If you find an AggieCard, return it to the Shared Services Organization office, at 260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150, Davis, CA or drop it into any U.S. Postal Service box and it will be routed to us through Finance, Operations & Administration.

Privileges and Locations

The UC Davis AggieCard may be used at the following campus locations:


  • Your AggieCard is honored at many Davis businesses for discounted prices on services and food