UC Davis Benefits: Serving both the Campus and Health System communities

Services Available

  • Employee health and welfare benefit inquiries (phone or email)
  • Benefit enrollment updates and changes (newborn, marriage, loss of coverage, etc.)
  • Leave of Absence premium payments (furlough, maternity, medical)
  • Secova Dependent verification (general inquiries only)
  • At Your Service password reset
  • General disability inquiries
  • National Medical Support Notices (court ordered benefits for dependents)

Frequently Asked Benefits Questions

If you don't find what you need below, don't hesitate to contact us at You may also want to visit the UC Davis Human Resources website for more information.

Do you handle retirement services?

No. Please contact the Retirement Services Center at 1-800-888-8267.

I sent in my UPAY 850 form yesterday. How long will it take to update this?

We will update your changes within 5 business days.

I am a new employee and my period of eligibility ended yesterday, but I do not see that my elections updated. Do I still qualify for benefits?

Yes.  As long as your form was received before the  end of your PIE, we will update this for you effective your hire date.

I am a new employee, when are my benefits effective?

Your benefits are  effective on your date of hire.

When will I receive my identification cards?

You will receive these  within four to six weeks after completion of enrollment.

I forgot or lost my At Your Service password. How do I reset this?

Please call our office or send an email to so that we can reset this immediately for you.

Can you update my 457(b) and 403(b) elections?

No. You may contact Fidelity directly at 1-866-682-7787. Your elections will then be updated by Fidelity and sent over to payroll for processing.

Do I need a social security number to add my newborn?

No. You must complete a UPAY 850 form within 31 days of his or her birthdate and send directly to our office. Once you receive a social security number, please complete another UPAY 850 form to update this information.

Can I enroll in benefits outside of Open Enrollment if I have lost other coverage?

Yes. Please submit confirmation of your loss of other coverage, along with a completed UPAY 850 form within 31 days of the previous coverage end date.

Can I change my HSA outside of Open Enrollment?

Yes. You may change your HSA election at any time by submitting a completed UPAY 850 form.

I was hired mid-month. When will my FSA and Dependent Care accounts be active?

These will go into effect on the first day of the next month as long as your enrollment form is received by the 20th of the month. Your annual election will be divided by the amount of months remaining in the year.

Can my wife and I enroll in dual coverage if we are both University employees?

No. Employees and their dependents may not be covered under more than one plan with the University. If it is determined that dual coverage is effective, we will end coverage for the employee who enrolled last.

Can I cover my 28-year-old son or daughter?

No. Dependent eligibility ends on the last day of the month in which your child turns 26 years of age. Our system will automatically update this information. Please contact your medical provider for disabled dependent eligibility past the age of 26 years old.

Can I contact my insurance carrier directly to update my address and phone number?

No. Please submit a request with your updated information via email to We will send this information directly to the carriers.

I need a confirmation letter stating that I am enrolled in benefits. Where can I obtain this?

Please call or email your request to our office. We will issue a confirmation letter with the requested information.

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