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GoLive day for AggieService

October 24, 2016

Today was GoLive day for AggieService! That means it's time to start using the system officially.

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Focused on building it right

AggieService is being built as the single repository for HR and payroll services for clients of the Shared Services Center, the Department of Social Sciences, and the College of Engineering, Implementing AggieService now will allow staff and employees to experience a portal based system built on the SalesForce platform, in advance of UCPath which will use the same technology.

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Good Afternoon:

I wanted to thank you all for rearranging your schedules and pitching in to handle the on-boardings today.  With Pam being out and a full schedule, this could not have been accomplished without each of you.  I know we are all busy with our own work, and I truly appreciate your willingness to step in without any hesitation or questions.  Each of you said yes before I even got the words out.  That is true teamwork and I really enjoy working with each of you.


Good afternoon All,

I wanted to briefly share with you an experience I had with Enrique Rivas over the past 2 days.

I called on Wednesday regarding how to grant access to Aggie Service and Enrique returned my call on Thursday (yesterday) to address my question. He provided an explanatory walk through, gave thorough answers to my questions, and offered to follow up on items that perhaps needed more clarification. He even offered to start the ticket over the phone, to which I politely declined as I wanted to submit all the information to try for myself. Today, the department on whose behalf I was inquiring for, asked for access ASAP for an employee. Enrique answered the phone again today when I called, and let me know he would address it himself. He apologized and let me know that there was a heavy workload, but he would get access to the employee. Within the hour the employee had been granted access and the unit (and myself) were so pleased with the fast turnaround.

I am writing you to let you know how much that meant to me. The completion of a ticket is always great, but I let Enrique know, and I wanted to share with you, what his apology meant to me. It demonstrated superior customer service, ownership of said service, and a realistic expectation of the situation for me the client to help pass to those whom I serve as well. Enrique had nothing to apologize for, but wow, after having issues arise with the AggieService transition and the nature of our work where mistakes happen, apologies have been few and far between. It is not the words themselves that make the difference, but rather the acknowledgement that it could and should be better for all involved. Enrique’s words and service embodied what the SSC strives for: to be a trusted partner that delivers quality.

So to summarize, I wanted to thank Enrique for his superior service and genuine approach as well as share it with you. Thank you so much Enrique, your service made my day!

"Vicki Klein has provided beyond stellar service to Development and Alumni Relations. She is extremely responsive and goes above and beyond to assist us. We are very lucky to have a representative such as Vicki who always goes the 'extra mile' in handling all of our payroll needs!"

"Vanessa & Enrique,

I received a message from a client today telling me how polite and professional you were during the AggieService training this morning. Thanks for your excellent customer service!!

Vanessa - she also mentioned that you were a rockstar when dealing with some of the more challenging questions/concerns.

Thanks for all you do. Keep up the great work!!


"Angie, Steven and Melanie have been so helpful with my purchasing orders. They are responsive, they follow-up, they are very efficient, helpful and friendly. Overall, their level of service is exceptional!"

"[Ashmeen Sharma and Megan Tetreault] thank you, both!  I truly appreciate the service you have provided today.



"Good Morning Sandi,

Thank you for your prompt review and actions on this matter.  As usual, your attention to our request and details are very much appreciated.

You’re the BEST!!



"Good Afternoon all,

I would like to thank all the HR Coordinators and Mayra (from payroll) for their hard work during yesterday’s Mass Hire.  We had a “PERFECT” day, with 73 students scheduled to attend and all 73 showing up, we also had 19 additional walk-ins at the Mass Hire.

Thank you all and keep up the good work!

Mike Bunt"

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